Gone are the days that kitenge was about the wrap around our fore-mothers wore.

Today, the kitenge style has evolved. With every new dawn, there’s a new kitenge fashion introduced in the market.

In fact, women who dress in vitenge not only show how proud they are of their melanin roots but also that they can use their culture to cause quakes in the fashion world with latest world-class fashion touch.

You don’t even need to spend lots of cash like you do buying designer suits and pants to own any of these kitenge designs. And, the best part is…. You can finally be the fashion queen

5. Weekend wear

Just attend an unofficial event over a weekend in this simple but fashionable designs and see how all eyes will get glued on you – fashion Queen making her entrance


4. Mini kitenge

Mini dresses have never been better at emphasizing the beauty and allure of your legs.

Pick any length you want and feel comfortable with and to make you stand out even better, accessorize with high heels.


3. Cold shoulder

A holiday vacation can not add up without a cold shoulder. Step up into one of these designs and accessorize with heels to make the queen rock even more.


2. Neck strap

The use of such details as a V-neck or an open back is also popular among girls.

They add a touch of sultriness to the look. It might be a little less conservative but if you are brave and have a great figure, why not show it off?


1. Midi dress

Going casual is just yet a fashion of it’s on kind and trust me, if you attend any party during a weekend or holiday and you are dressed in any of these midi kitenge designs, you obviously will carry the day. Try them out.


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