Here is a list that identifies and ranks the educational institutions doing the most to advance science, invent new technologies and power new markets and industries.

For the fourth year running, Stanford University tops ranking of the World’s Most Innovative Universities,

Contributing to its solid foothold at No. 1 is Stanford’s steady stream of patents and research, which are frequently cited by other academics around the world.

While a few UK and Asian schools have ascended, American universities continue to dominate the top of this list.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, places second on the list, and Harvard University comes in third, making 2018 the fourth consecutive year that those universities have held those exact spots.

The University of Pennsylvania came in fourth place for the second consecutive year, and the University of Washington is up two spots to round out the top five.

The University of Texas System placed sixth. Belgium’s KU Leuven, ranked No. 7, is the highest ranked university outside the U.S.

Followed by Imperial College London (No. 8), the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (No. 9) and Vanderbilt University (No. 10). Overall, eight of last year’s 10 highest-ranked universities remained in the top 10.

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