Robots were built long time ago to help in doing tasks that seemed heavy, dirty, boring and time consuming to human beings.

They have worked in industries assuming various responsibilities and it has been a relief having them around untill, robotic firms begun doing much advancements to these machines.

These advances in technology suggest we’re on course for massive and rapid changes in the workplace.

Truth is, robots have been doing the work of humans in some industries for years now.

But with such a system which is so effective that it’s enabled Uniqlo to remove 90 percent of the people that worked there before the warehouse was given its high-tech makeover, warehouse employees are at risk of loosing their jobs.

Uniqlo – the Japanese clothing giant this week unveiled a warehouse in Tokyo that’s almost entirely powered by robot technology.

The technology scans electronic tags for identification and also to confirm the site’s stock numbers and other data.

Prior to shipping items, Uniqlo’s system uses cardboard to wrap the products before sticking on delivery labels.

The company also notes how the warehouse has the potential to operate nonstop around the clock, save for the occasional maintenance work.

Another high-profile company that’s steadily introducing robot technology to its warehouses is Amazon.

Check out the thousands of so-called “drive units” that carry products around the warehouse and which are described by the company as “great dancers” for their remarkable nimbleness as they navigate their way around.

Alongside the robotic drive units, Amazon’s facility in Kent, Washington, still employs several thousand humans, though further technological advances will see that figure fall over time.

It then seems that warehouse Jobs have well been taken care of by robots. See other jobs at risk here >>>