Major changes came with the major update to the Apple Watch dubbed WatchOS 5.

The new update is available to all Apple Watch 2 ($350 at Amazon Marketplace) and Apple Watch 3 owners.

The three key fitness features that came to your apple watch include the following:

3. Compete friends

One of the best things you can do for your own fitness is to have an accountability partner.

Fitbit, for instance, lets you compete with your friends for the most steps. Soon the Apple Watch will, too.

With WatchOS 5, are able to challenge your friends to weekly competitions.

You are able to track your friends’ progress and see how your progress compares to theirs.

2. Auto-detection

The biggest new fitness feature on the Apple Watch is automatic workout detection.

When the Apple Watch senses you’re beginning a workout, it will suggest it starts tracking it.

Best of all, if you missed out on a few minutes before beginning to track the workout, Apple Watch will give you retroactive credit for that, too.

And if you forget to stop tracking when your workout is over, the Apple Watch will detect that and automatically end it.

1. More workout features

Apple also announced 12 new workout modes. Yoga, for example, is now a recognized workout type. As is hiking, which tracks your pace, heart rate and elevation.