Some days you just need to move a lot faster than usual, however you still want to look put together.

Those days when you need to run errands and really don’t have the energy to get ready after making breakfast, cleaning up the kitchen and getting dressed.  Here are fast tips to get you well on your way in no time.

with this tips you will take only 10 mins and you will be set unlike normally you would take longer.

1. Do the hair first 

You could easily forget doing your hair and run the streets looking clumsy then try making it all up on your way out there… ahg!……… and so it’s good to start with.

let’s face it you may not have shampooed your hair in two days which is perfect for this look.  I grab the bun maker. (You can find this item at any local store that carries beauty products i.e. Amazon, Walmart, or CVS to name a few).

Tilt the head over and spray it with any volumizing  hair spray that’s around to give my hair some texture.  Next take a bristle brush and smooth the hair up into a nice smooth pony tail.

Put the pun maker on top and wrap your hair around it. Secure it with a few bobby pins and voila.

If you had, had the hair plaited over the weekend the its easier, just secure it with matching pins or bands.

2. check your face

Quickly pass over with your favorite tinted moisturizer or sunscreen. for instance, you can use MAC’s Prep+Prime BB beauty balm compact.  It has SPF 30 and illuminates my skin.   Then pass over it with a mineralized skin finish powder.

3. Next are the eyes.

If you do not have dark circles to cover up then no problem, however if that is an issue for you quickly dab a concealer of your choice and blend quickly using you ring finger, remembering to be gentle. Line your eyes with a black liner and apply a few coats of  volomizing and lengthening mascara.

4. lips

lastly, choose your favorite lip color and smooth it over your pout.

These are the tips for getting ready when you are in a hurry but still want to look presentable.