Are you tired of going to public theater halls to watch top movie releases?

You are not the only one, interests change as time snail changing everyone’s age at least with a plus 1 everything; second, minute, hour, day, week, month and whooa…! Year!

This changes come with alot that can hinder you from attending those lovely theatre sessions.

I came up with a simple idea that could help you still enjoy that theatrical view when watching your movies.

Let’s learn how you can set up your personal theater at home.

Tools needed

1. Smartphone, tablet or iPad.

2. Carton box.

3. Pair of scissors

4. Glue


– using pair of scissors, Cut the top of the box so as it fits perfectly the chosen smart device.

– Cut open the entire bottom of the box.

– Also cut a semicircular opening (the size of your neck ) at the bottom of one of the sides of the box.

– Now carefully fit the smart device into its slot with the screen facing into the inside of the box.

– Apply glue around the bezel to reinforce the device.

– Now play your desired movie on the device glued to the box.

– find a flat surface and lie straight facing upwards, then put the box onto your face as shown in the image above.

Now you are ready to go…. Your home made home theater is up ?

What do you think ?